Saturday 4 July 2020

A Tentative return to the Wargames Table?

Changes to Social Distancing rules in England come into effect today that means that for some of us, tabletop wargaming with friends can resume. Don't get too excited though, there are still restrictions in place that will limit the number of players that can gather at any one time. 

I say it in my video and I'll repeat it here, these changes only apply to England and if you live in other parts of the UK you will need to check what the rules are where you live. Still, for many of us its a welcome step towards a return to gaming as usual. How long this lasts, or what changes may come into effect down the line, depend on national infection rates, health advice and of course politics! 

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Next week the Quarantined Wargamer will be on a lighter note when I discuss my top ten impulse buying disasters! In the meantime, keep safe everyone and keep rolling high! 


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    1. Thanks mate... it doesn't help us though, especially when the Shed of War belongs to someone shielding.

      Unless... two non shielding members of the Rejects could use Posties Shed if he let us access it via the gate from your garden. He'd have to stay indoors, and not take part, but that's a sacrifice I think we'd be prepared to make!

  2. Thanks Lee. My own take on this is that it is probably too early at this stage to be visiting others and spending several hours in a confined space talking and getting excited as the victory points rack up!

    For my own position, most of my face to face gaming is boardgaming and that would mean 2 - 3 hours sitting at a table, facing each other at probably less than a metre for most of that time.

    With so much in the UK suddenly opening up at once, it seem unlikely that the virus will do anything other than spread and so it may be worth just taking another 4 weeks or so to see how things go in the community before rushing back to the tabletop.

    My view might be unduly cautious of course and partly formed by not having the health of a 21 year old :-)

    1. Caution is nothing to be sorry for Norm, especially when we seem to be surrounded by people who are behaving as if the threat is over! Nothing has really changed. The Virus is still as dangerous, our immune systems are just as fallible and, as any wargamer can tell you, anyone can roll a one!

      The Rejects won't be gathering for a game any time soon. Despite all the precautions I listed, I don't think we could make the Shed-o-war sufficiently COVID proof...its just too much of a risk for some of our group with health issues (non of us are as young as we once were!). But its not a one size fits all situation and some people may be able to play in small groups, with appropriate precautions. Fortunately we seem to have settled into digital alternatives to keep us occupied. We have had a few ZOOM enabled games and have been doing weekly paint and chat sessions, so its not a completely barren desert.

  3. Well ventilated spaces appear to be a minimal standard for indoor activities like gaming. Not being in the direct flow of any air conditioner, and not having it on 'recirculate', also. The correct mask, correctly worn, probably is also a necessary. King Pest drops snake eyes more often than not it seems. Take it easy. Wait it out. Regards from down under.

    1. Thanks for mentioning air conditioning. It's not as common to have Air Con in UK homes (our 'summer' typically lasts about three days!) but it's worth bearing in mind.


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