Friday 7 February 2020

Mammoth & Bison Riders

A slight change of tack from me today as I submit my contribution to a charity project for James MacCraggs (aka The Mad Tin Hatter). Last year James and his wife suffered a terrible loss and Jamea wrote very movingly of how he would like to raise money for charity (detailed here and here). 

Back in November Posties Rejects went to the Warfare show in Reading and on the way down there we discussed a joint contribution to this worthy cause. So when we got access to the trade hall we went straight to the Kallistra stand and each picked a couple of units to paint up. Ray has already painted his contribution and now it's my turn. Having just painted a load of 6mm Elephants I thought I should do something completely different.... 10mm Mammoths! 

I've not really painted 10mm before so this was interesting to see the difference between it and my normal scale. It was certainly fun to paint and I was able to use washes on these whereas I usually employ ink washes on my 6mm stuff. Interesting! 

Along with the Mammoths are more Barbarians this time riding Bison! Most impressive and very tough looking. 

James asked that submisssions not be based up so he will do this stage, but for the sake of presentation I have tacked these models to some plain bases. They will snap off easily when they are moved to their final home. 

Points wise, these are relatively simple. 2 Mammoth and six riders should get me 12 points and the 16 Bison riders will net another 32 points, so 44 points all in. One more step towards my target, and a modest contribution to a very worthy cause. 


  1. Cheers Lee, these look fantastic! Much appreciated.

    1. Your welcome mate. I'm seeing the guys at the weekend and I think Ray is parcelling it up up together to send to you, so hopefully you'll have it all soon.

  2. Most impressive and beautiful "army", unusual and spectacular!


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