Monday 23 April 2018

The Wrong Brush

Painting with Custard...
I was smiling when I started! 
I need to cheer myself up and paint something that isn't large, flat and vertical. The much promised Post-Challenge decorating spree continues and I'm starting to get a little tired of the mess the house is in. I can barely see my painting desk behind the piles of furniture, boxes and coats that belong in the hall. And as for finding time to 'play' with my Salute purchases, they are still in the shopping bag I brought back with me.

I'm putting a brave face on it for the wife (I do owe her for her patience during the Challenge) but I definitely need to wield a smaller brush, and soon. One more room needs my tender attention before I'm home free, although I suspect my household DIY 'to-do' list is covertly being added too whenever I'm not looking.


  1. I always thought your wife was a "Handy Mandy!" Get her to do the painting if she wants it done and feel free to show her this comment!


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