Tuesday 10 April 2018

Looking ahead to Salute

Salute is just a few days away and as always I'm really looking forward to it. I've been to many over the years and every time it seems to be larger and more tiring (or maybe I'm just getting older, fatter and slower?). I always approach such a big show with a plan and a shopping list, and this year is no exception. Admittedly the 2018 shopping list is a bit modest at the moment but no doubt once through the doors the 'shineyitus' will kick in and there will be a few impulse buys in my bag within minutes. 

As usual there will be a 'Blogger ' meet up a little after mid day for anyone that would like to say hello. The show is so big it's easy to miss people and this brief gathering gives everyone a fixed location and point in time to aim for. Ray and Tamsin have set the time as 12:30 and the location is indicated below by a red dot (I believe it's in front of the stage?)

So with excitement and anticipation building I guess I just have time to work on that shopping list. 


  1. Look forward to catching up there, Lee!

  2. For me Salute is not a good show. Just too big too impersonal and too commercial.
    That said I whish all the bloggers at the meet a good time.

  3. I stopped going to Salute a few years ago as it just too big. It's okay early in the day but way too noisy, sweaty and tiring later on. Nice idea to meet up with the other bloggers.

    1. I do struggle to get round it all... justification enough for purchase of a Segway? Not sure I'd convince the wife in that argument.


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