Thursday 26 April 2018

More casualty marker dice frames

Last year I made up a load of casualty markers for my games. I made several sets for single dice, sets of two and three, but I soon realised I needed a few more of the single frames. So while I was at Salute I picked up some more of the little MDF single's (made by Minibits) for a couple of quid. I've now expanded my existing set of single dice frames so I have more than enough for my own gaming needs. I also decided to make some extra frames for Postie, as a small thank you for all the games he runs for the Rejects

Plenty of dice frames to go around.

An example of our use of dice as casualty markers.

We often use rule-sets that employ small 5 mm dice as casualty counters and they are forever being knocked over (sometimes even accidentally!) when we move units around. I've done a set of 50 for the shed-o-war which should be ample for pretty much any size game we play in future. 


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