Thursday 1 February 2018

British Colonial Infantry Marching

Time a something a little different, and not a Zulu in sight! The first British units I have painted are six companies of British infantry marching. I'm planing on painting the same six companies three times; first marching; then in a formed firing line; and last as an extended skirmish line. The idea is this will give me some tactical options on the tabletop... that is if I ever settle on a set of rules!!

Once I have these completed I plan on painting some artillery and if I have time, support cavalry. This project will keep me going long after the challenge ends as there are such a wide range of units available, including lots of Boer irregulars, Natal Native Contingent and other specialist companies.

Needless to say painting British colonial infantry is a 'bit' more challenging than painting Zulu's. Fortunately they come in smaller units so I was able to lavish more detail and time on these figures. I have opted for buff coloured field helmets, not the bright white ones seen in the movies. However I stuck with parade ground white belts and pouches. I also remembered (at the last moment) to include white straps on the Martini-Henry rifles.

I haven't labelled these bases although I probably will when I paint up the formed companies. I found these a daunting challenge but now that I have finished my first set I feel the next lot will progress a lot easier so expect to see more British Infantry in coming weeks. 


  1. They look good. The Pith helmets were white originally but were dyed with either mud or Tea by the troops so you would be allowed a few different hues in the units. Not a criticism at all just letting you know in case you do not have the exact same colour CREAM next time.

  2. Impressive...and beautiful!


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