Monday 17 July 2017

Back to the Royal Engineers Museum

Over the weekend I went back to one of my favourite local military collections, the Royal Engineers Museum in Chatham. There are lots of reasons why this excellent museum is worth a visit and every time I go there I find something new. This time I went specifically to have a close look at their Zulu War collection but as usual I also spent a lot of time perusing the rest of the collection, particularly the Big exhibits outside. 

A Churchill AVRE Bridge Layer

One thing I would definitely recommend looking at is the Waterloo Map. This is Wellingtons actual campaign map covering the area of the Battle of Waterloo. The Museum now has an excellent interactive display table that tells the story of the Map and the Battle.

The Waterloo Map

An interactive display table tells the story of the map and the battle

An example of the graphics telling the story of the Battle.
Eventually I did make it round to the Zulu War display, the items I actually went to see. 

A Necklace made for Lt Col Durnford and presented to him by a Zulu Witch Doctor

A Zulu cow hide shield

Lt Chard's Webley .45 revolver used at Rorke's Drift

Zulu Knobkieries collected by Lt Chard during the Zulu War.

Bullet from  Martini-Henri Rifle found at Isandlwana

A Musket Ball recovered from the body of Lt Col Durnford at Isandlwana

I've been to this museum several times and more of my photo's can be seen here, here and here. The entrance fee is very reasonable and providing you are willing to sign up for Gift Aid the ticket lasts a whole year (including special events!). 


  1. It looks like a very interesting museum! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The museum has a special day on 2-3rd September (Medway Modelling club Show). Rainham wargames plan to put a game on as well.

    1. Its already in my calendar! We combined our visit on Sunday with a quick detour to Rochester so I could visit Rochester Games Models and Railways and my favourite bookshop in the South East, Baggins Book Bazaar

    2. Hi Mr Hadley,it me again.I beg you to take some clear photos of tau ping rebellion.if you still in royal engineers museum.Thank you very very much.


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