Friday 21 July 2017

Dark Elf Warband for Frostgrave

I've spent a lot of time in recent weeks reading and researching the Anglo Zulu war and studying as many rule sets as I can find for this period. While this has been very useful and productive it hasn't resulted in any games or painted miniatures for me to report on...hence the relative scarcity of posts recently. However in the background I have been plugging away at my little side project putting together some Frostgrave warband's from my existing fantasy collection of miniatures. The first to be completed is this Dark Elf group. 

I have several more of these dark elves already painted in my collection so I can change the composition of this warband depending on how this lot perform. 



  1. One of the Joys of Frostgrave is the diversity that players can inject into their own force. And this is something you have managed very well indeed.

  2. I must say that I like these a lot


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