Tuesday 13 June 2017

Operation Caravan : Reading List

For anyone wanting to research and recreate the LRDG raid on Barce (Bar-Chay) for themselves here are a few books that I found to be invaluable. All of these are top notch titles but I have given each book a rating based on how useful they were when researching this particular action.

☆   Good - Well researched with some new insights and/or original illustrations
☆   Excellent - Original, insightful, clear, readable. A valuable resource. 
   Outstanding - A 'must have' book for this subject.

Barce Raid: The Long Range Desert Groups Most Daring Exploit
By Brendan O'Carroll
Ngaio Press 2005

The Long Range Desert Group: 1940-1945: Providence Their Guide
By Major General David Lloyd Owen
Pen and Sword Books 2000

Desert Raiders: Axis and Allied Special Forces 1940-43
Battle Orders Series
By Andrea Molinari
Osprey 2007

The Italian Army 1940-45: Africa 1940-43
Men-at-Arms Series
By Philip Jowett and Stephen Andrew
Osprey 2001

The following books don't necessarily reference the Barce Raid but were very useful for getting a feel for what the raid would have been like.

Stirling's Desert Triumph: The SAS Egyptian Airfield Raids 1942
Raid Series
By Gavin Mortimer
Osprey 2015

One of the Originals
By Johnny Cooper
Pan Books 1991

Long Range Desert Group
By Kennedy Shaw
Greenhill Books 2000 (Reprint of Collins 1945)

The Desert my Dwelling Place
By David Lloyd Owen
Cassell 1957

Sting of the Scorpion
By Mike Morgan
History Press 2010

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  1. I recently had a Kindle splurge on Amazon as we're soon to be fighting an operational game (fought over 10 tables - actually 12 if you count off-table artillery and airfields) in 6mm set in the desert in WW2. The following books are great as source material for the desert - especially German Methods (a US Army technical account of how the Germans set up and fought in desert conditions).

    German Methods of Warfare in the Libyan Desert
    The Desert War: The Classic Trilogy on the North African Campaign 1940-43
    The Battle of El Alamein: Decision in the Desert
    The Tank War: The Men, the Machines and the Long Road to Victory


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