Monday 27 March 2017

Town Planning

With the painting challenge done and dusted I can now turn my attention to some other projects. One that needed to be done involved a bit of town planning for my Demo game that I'll be putting on in June at Broadside. I have a lot of buildings to make up a fair sized Libyan town but all the buildings are un-based and free standing. I want to keep them like that for future games, but I felt some sort of base was necessary. What I opted for in the end was a temporary base that has the positions of all the buildings marked out and will be quick to set up.

I used an A3 sheet of paper to organise my building collection into something resembling a town. A few adjustments later and I had several streets and a town square laid out. I then used a pencil to mark the outline of the buildings on the paper. I used a modelling knife to cut out a slightly smaller footprint for each building and when I had the whole town done I used this template to paint on a large sheet of sandpaper. The result is a town plan laid out. I labelled each building and the footprints.

The next step is to add things like grass tufts, turf, a few stones and a small amount of clump foliage to represent bushes. I also need to ensured the edges are dry brushed in a suitable colour to blend in with my regular terrain and base sheet. I'm pretty chuffed with how this is turning out because it means I can set up really quickly, especially important when setting up for a demo game with lots of terrain. 

Incidentally I'm not showing the finished town because this is for my Demo game and I'm saving the 'big reveal' for closer to the date. I think it looks pretty cool, but you'll just have to wait and see for yourself in a couple of months time. 


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