Wednesday 22 March 2017

My Analogue Painting Challenge VII

This years Analogue Painting Challenge has come to a conclusion and I have to say its been an absolute blast. My painting output has been consistently high throughout the event and I have shaved a significant portion off the summit of my lead mountain! I'm never going to be a contender for the top ten but I'm very happy with my final points tally which not only smashed my target but also topped my personal best for any of the challenges so far. I've set the bar high for next year!

So, in true Geek fashion I have had analysed the points distribution and come to a startlingly unsurprising conclusion...

Most of my points came from 6mm submissions!
Who'd have guessed it!

...and last but not least photo's of my completed entries.

A lot of miniatures and one BigLee.

A terrible first entry but I was feeling horribly ill at the time....

Greek and Epirote Pike Phalanxes

Bonus Round - WWI MkIV Tanks

Macadonian War Elephants

Greek Slingers

Pyrrhus of Epirus

Asorted Generals and Heroes to lead my Epirote Army

Two Phalanxes of Hoplites

Thessalian Heavy Cavalry

A Roman Farmstead

Greek Heavy and Light Cavalry

Tarrantine Light Cavalry

Successor Elephants and Greek Bowmen

The Completed Pyrrhic Army

Bonus Round - Sherman Firefly

Fart the Jester

Italian Ariete Tank Company

British Cruiser Company

A9 Cruiser Tanks

Rolls Royce Armoured Cars

2pdr Portees

Mk IV Light Tanks

Bonus Round & Curtgeld - Inglorious Rejects

Valentine II Tanks

Marmon Herrington Armoured Cars

25pdr Battery

LRDG Patrol - Chevy Trucks

SAS Jeep Squadron

Selenite Warriors
The 7th Analogue Painting Challenge has been a fantastic event from beginning to end. The standard of entries has been exceptionally high and a vast quantity of lead (and plastic) has been painted. On a personal level I have had my best Challenge so far, not only hitting my target but smashing it to smithereens. Everything I set out to paint got painted and a lot more was added as the weeks ticked by and I realised how good my progress was. I've set the bar high for myself next year, I just hope I can live up to it!

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  1. What a great challenge you have had Lee, well done Sir. For me the First World War tanks were the standout, but so many good things to choose from.


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