Sunday 19 March 2017

Another Skirmish in Sidcup

Skirmish is a small show but it always seems to attract my attention and if possible I try to make it across the river to Sidcup to attend. There is more of a Toy Soldier element to this event but that means there are different traders and a bit of variety to keep this tired wargamer amused. The show also attracts a lot of fellow bloggers and its always a good place to meet up and have a quick chat. This time my wife and daughter came with me as this is a very family friendly event.

Skirmish 2017

Zulu War artefacts

Traders at Skirmish

Model soldiers

Colonel Bills

Clint and Postie

Rainham Wargame Club

Milton Hundred Wargames Club

Maidstone Wargames

Painting demonstrations

Medway Wargames Society

Sammy Scenics

Gravesend Gamers Gild

Gravesend Gamers Gild

ACW Naval game

Skirmish Wargames 

I managed to pick up several models with a view to next years Painting Challenge, including a rather nice Napoleon model.

A great little show that willkeep me coming back time and again. 


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