Friday 3 February 2017

Wearing shades while I paint

After Christmas I just 'happened' to be passing Hobbycraft during the January sales. My local branch was doing a deal on craft lamps and I thought I would treat myself to a new one to compliment the lamp I already had. When I got it home I was amazed at the light it kicked out, nearly double the watts of my old lamp. In fact I was so please with the new lamp that I decided a total upgrade was needed and bought another! 

These lamps are completely adjustable and the heads swivel so can be angled to direct the light. So in the space of a few weeks I have gone from a perfectly reasonable single lamp of 40w to two lamps with a combined light output of 150w! I'm going to have to wear sunglasses when I paint!

Deal with it!


  1. Looking good my friend. I am wondering if you will get a tan from so much light exposure!

  2. Always good to have decent lighting for painting :)

  3. Your eyes are better than mine, I have to use the one with built in magnifying lens!

  4. I watched a programme the other evening about people that suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder in the winter because they aren't getting enough light. A significant portion of the population will have symptoms of some kind... but not us wargamers cos were always bathing in the light of our painting lamps!

    Painting miniatures really is good for you!

  5. Sweet. They really put out some light Lee. Would love something similar but SWMBO said I had to have something traditional/in keeping with the bureau, so it was a bankers lamp with a FO strong LED daylight bulb. But yours seem better and having 2 means you don't get the same shadows problem.

  6. Lee,

    Would it be possible to mention the brand name of the lights...I think I might like to pick up a couple as well. Thanks!

  7. May have to look these up...

  8. The lamp is a Purelite Swivel-Head Portable Craft Lamp (Model number CFPL07). I bought mine from Hobbycraft but they are also available on Amazon for about £25

  9. (Men in Black) "Look right here! Thank you!"

    1. If I'm a 'Man-in-Black' then the department is dropping its standards!


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