Thursday 9 February 2017

Heavy and Light Greek Cavalry

As promised last week I have some more cavalry for my 6mm Pyrrhic army. This time I have painted two units of Greek Cavalry and one unit of Greek Light Cavalry.

These are actually the same models painted slightly differently. For he regular cavalry I have gone for purple tunics and bronze helms. These guys carry short spears or javelins and will provide a firm flank to my army. The Light Cavalry underwent a slight conversion to give them soft caps rather than helmets. I filed the helmets flat, removing the crest, and painted them grey to look like Macedonian Kausia hats (similar to modern Afghan Pakol's).

These will be the last cavalry for the moment...I have some more elephants waiting in the wings and my next bonus round entry. These have been started and I'm working hard to finish them early because I'm going away for a few days next week. I'm well on track to hit my target early and the 45 points I'll get from these get me another step closer.


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