Tuesday 2 August 2016

Wagons Roll!

I've not had a lot of time for painting over the last few weeks so I have been chipping away at some smaller projects. One such is a small collection of civilian models. I bought several different packs of civilians and carts from Baccus a few months back and originally intended to use them on in my Camps. In the end I chose to use the civilian figures separately and I have finally got round to painting them now. Last week I finished some carts, this week I have completed some wagons which could probably feature in many periods of history.

These were quite fiddly to put together - the canopies and wheels are cast separately from the wagon itself - but as with the carts, once glued to the base the models 'structural integrity' (for want of a better phrase) is much improved.

I have kept these deliberately 'generic' so they can be used with any of my ancient armies either as camp followers or part of the baggage train.  


  1. Rollin' rollin'rollin!
    Keep those wagons rollin.
    keep those wagons rolling , Rawhide.
    Through all kinds of weather keep them together,
    keep the wagons rolling rawhide!

    (Sorry could not resist).

    1. The tune was going through my head as well while I painted them.

  2. Nice wagons Lee and suitable for use across a number of periods, not just ancients :)

  3. These are great, Lee! I picked up some of these myself, recently - glad to see how well they can turn out.


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