Thursday 11 August 2016

Lancashire Aviation Museum.

The holiday is in full swing and mostly involves doing what the young Palawan wants to swimming, bowling, rides, archery, more rides, arcades and the beach. But Wednesday was selected as 'dad's day out' so off we went to the Lancashire Aviation Museum and then on to RAF Coningsby to do a tour of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. My main objectives of the day was to see the Lancaster Just Jane do one of its taxi runs. The sheer power and noise of those four Merlin engines was quite awesome. As usual I took my camera but this time as well as shooting some photos I also filmed some video. Unfortunately I can't seem to upload the file to blogger via my tablet so I'll have to post the video when I get home. I've overcome the technical problem and have now added the video via my YouTube page.

Glad I sorted that out because I love this video. It was even better in person and if you have a chance to visit the museum on a Taxi Run day it's well worth the visit.

The Lincolnshire Aviation Museums Lancaster 'Just Jane'.

Having a really good day!

At the BBMF we saw several Spitfires and Hurricanes although sadly their Lancaster was out when we arrived. RAF Coningsby is also home to Typhoons and several Boeing E-3 Sentry, commonly known as AWACS (pictured behind me here)

I love seeing historical vehicles in running order, it's how they are meant to be. Seeing old planes, tanks and other vehicles static in a museum is fine, but nothing quite beats seeing them in action and hearing the roar of their engines. Call me a romantic, but this sort of thing really gets my heart pumping.  

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  1. A good day out. Looks like the sun and everything....are you sure this was England?


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