Monday 16 May 2016

Temple at War

Over the weekend I had a chance to visit a small living history event that I haven't been to before. Held in the grounds of Cressing Temple Barns near Witham in Essex, the show is only in its second year but it is quickly establishing itself as a first rate event featuring first and second World War living history displays, music, vehicles and even a small battle reenactment. The weather stayed clear and Sunday was especially fine so the wife and I took the young Padawan to to the show and met up with some of the extended family for a very pleasant day out. 

WWI Re-enactors 

WWI Recruitment poster

Machine Gun drill

Me and my next car?  Don't think the wife will let me, but...

WWII American rations

WWII British Rations 

A Dodge weapons carrier

British 17pdr  6pdr Anti-Tank gun

A Spigot Mortar

Observer Corp outpost

A fine collection of Bren Guns

A PIAT launcher

Not a bad little show albeit a little smaller than the sort we normally visit. 


  1. That's a 6 Pdr AT gun not a 17 Pdr.


    1. Thanks for the update. I labelled it and thought "I'll double check this" then forgot all about it! Lol. I'll update my label now.

  2. If I ever win the lottery I will buy you a car like that! (but with a pivot mounted .50 Browning (deactivated) Just for fun.....

  3. Looks like a great event! Thanks for sharing Lee!


  4. Great eye candy Lee. Looks like you had a lovely sunny day too.

  5. Looks like great day out.

    I've noticed over the last couple of years that these re-enactor days are becoming more frequent and better presented.

    It could be that very soon we see WW2 tanks as well as people!

    Maybe even the odd WW2 aircraft!



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