Friday 6 May 2016

Hannibal verses Rome

My 28mm Hannibal
I have been giving a lot of thought to what to do next with my Punic Wars project. There is ample room for development of both sides in this conflict and there are lots of other side participants that could be included as well. First things first though, I have some Allies to paint. I have some Latin Infantry and Italian Cavalry to do for my Romans and I'm waiting for an order of Gauls to arrive for my Carthaginians. Now I just need some time to paint them!

Since the end of the Analogue Painting Challenge I haven't done much painting at all. I completed a couple of Camps and I have started working on some forest terrain but the latter is on hold until my trees arrive (a bargain ebay purchase of fifty 1:300 trees all the way from China for just £2.76 with free postage!).

Incidentally another purchase I have made recently is also due to arrive soon. I enjoyed reading Goldsmiths The Fall of Carthage so much I decided I needed another perspective on the wider sweep of Roman history. To that end I have bought SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome by Professor Mary Beard. I enjoy her non academic style and her exuberance and enthusiasm for the Romans. Her latest TV Series Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit is asking just the sort of questions that fascinate me; Why were the Romans so successful?; What made their culture so powerful? And what influence does the success of Rome have on the modern world? Hopefully this book will give me a new perspective on the worlds first superpower. 


  1. Mary Beard is a National Treasure! After you have covered Carthage, you could go on to the Seleucids, that's an army with every gimmick under the sun.

  2. Whatever you settle on I know it will interest me as 6mm and this period (Ancients) interests me.

  3. Keep pluggin' away ol' boy!!


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