Monday 16 November 2015

Carthaginian War Elephants

Another test piece for my new Punic War project. Eventually I'll be buying a more of these but I just had to paint a couple of War Elephants now, if only to pique the interest of my daughter! These were really fun to paint and I'm really rather chuffed with how they turned out. I ran out of Bronze paint so I improvised by blending some brown and yellow into silver until I reached a colour I liked. 

I think I have settled on a basing style for these miniatures that gives an interesting appearance while remaining fairly simple to do. I glue sand to the base and when dry paint it with Vallejo English Uniform, I then dry-brush with Green Ochre and edge the base with Luftwaffe Camo Green. Then I add a fairly light coloured short strand flock to approximately 80% of the base with a couple of dark patches added using tiny clumps of dark green railway Turf. The flock and turf are pressed down to produce a very short grass effect which I think looks better against 6mm figures. Then I add just one or two small stones to add a little more interest. Of course I'm still open to suggestions for improvements so if you have an idea please leave a comment and I'll give it a try out. 


  1. Nice nellies! I think that bigger models tempt younger people more but these do tempt me!

  2. Loved painting my War Elephants!

    Haven't had that much fun painting models for a while! Nice to see they still look as good in a smaller scale. Very nice!

  3. Very nice Lee! The heads and tusks are cool.

  4. They have turned out rather nice, the drybrush on the skin has worked well. At this rate soon you will have enough test pieces to make up an army!

    Everything I paint has the same colour bases so as to match my table. On top of pva/sand I use a medium brown base colour from the local DIY paint mixing service drybrushed with beige. Random spots of static grass and occasionally the odd bush made from small pieces of clump foliage. Relatively quick, simple and effective.

  5. Nice. The base works. stick with it. cheers


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