Thursday 26 November 2015

Airfield Vehicles

Just a quick post of a few 6mm vehicles for my Desert Raiders project. These are a few spare Italian vehicles that I had in my box and have been painted for use as scenery rather than as playing pieces (hence they are not based). I'll place these around my Italian Airfield as additional targets and possible distractions for attacking LRDG/SAS.

They include three 3 Tonne Lancia Trucks, three medium Fiat 626 Trucks and two smaller SPA35 Dovunque trucks. 

Because they are unmanned vehicles and not part of a unit they won't really take part in the game under normal circumstances, except maybe as targets. However one option I could consider is that I could allow the Italian player to 'activate' these vehicles if needed, and then replace them with ones based properly, whereupon they would become part of the unit and moved as normal. 


  1. Nice idea. It seems that the use of 'clutter' is catching on.

  2. Given the use of trucks in the western desert these could indeed be an additional objective. maybe to steal as well as destroy.

    1. Plenty of examples of both sides running around with large portions of everyone's weaponry and equipment. Hell, even my Commonwealth Desert '42 box set from GHQ came with an armoured car with an Italian 20mm mounted to the top.


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