Tuesday 6 January 2015

Battle of Leignitz Re-fight

On Saturday the Rejects gathered in Posties Shed-o-War to replay the Battle of Leignitz game we fought before Christmas. The first game saw us using the Age of Reason rules, which we pretty much universally decided we didn't like. The game was hard work and we felt the rules were clumsy and far too complicated for a fun game. Then Richard suggested that Koenig Krieg would have been a better set of rules for this period and thus was born the idea to re-fight the same game - with the same forces and terrain - using these rules. 

As in the previous game the Austrians (commanded by Fran) set up first and the Prussian's (commanded by Ray) were allowed to deploy in response. Our forces were pretty much the same as the last game although there was slightly less artillery this time. The terrain was laid out exactly as before and Fran chose to deploy his forces pretty much in the same positions as before. Ray however deviated from last time, with an audacious plan to concentrate our attack on one section of the Austrian defence while denying them the big cavalry clash that dominated the last game. 

Order of Battle 
As before I have copied the respective army lists rather than typing them out..

The Action
Initial Setup with the Austrians deployed on the right dominating the hill as in the previous game. On their left flank they massed most of their cavalry. On the left of the picture the Prussian's have formed up to concentrate on attacking the hill, with cavalry split between both flanks.

Some Prussian cavalry - Guard Cuirrasiers none the less - were lined up to sweep the right flank of the Austrians and pave the way for a flanking attack on the hill. (sorry for the fuzzy picture!)

On the Prussian right flank my Cavalry, consisting of Dragoons and Cuirassiers were deliberately held back. The idea was that this would delay the Austrians down in long drawn out movement and manoeuvring before being in a position to attack. However our decision to place one Brigade as 'bait' along the table edge proved to be a mistake. I wasn't entirely comfortable with this plan but I deferred to the better judgement of my fellow Prussian players...fool!

Along the rear of the Austrian line can be seen a Cavalry Brigade redeploying quickly to reinforce their right flank taking advantage of the double move rule for units more than 15" from the enemy. This movement proved significant. 

The first Melee of the battle, with Prussian cavalry seeing off Austrian skirmishers in the forest on their flank. 

After a couple of turns of movement I was positioned and 'ready' for the inevitable Austrian attack.

Rays's Prussian Guard Cuirassiers launch their attack on the Austrians...however the enemy have already started to move cavalry from one flank to support the other taking full advantage of the ability to double move if more than 15" from the enemy. This meant they could rapidly redeploy cavalry to the weak spot in their flank. 

Prussian Cuirassiers advance down the flank to swing past the end of the hill and outflank the Austrian Infantry positioned there....but the Austrian players have now shifted a Cavalry Brigade to support the endangered flank. 

The Prussian Left - Advancing Cavalry and Infantry put pressure on the Austrian line

The Prussian Right - Cavalry supported by Horse Artillery

Another view of the Prussian Right - Looking outwards from the lines towards the advancing Austrians

Prussian Infantry advancing towards the Austrian line

A Clash of Cavalry - Austrian cavalry advance within range of my 'bait' Brigade and I decide to charge. The advantage was slightly in the Austrians favour but the dice put the decision firmly out of my hands. Unfortunately we underestimated the Melee rules in this system and as well as loosing the Brigade (it retreated 12" off the table edge) the Austrians only suffered 1 casualty from the engagement....not nearly as much as we expected or would have liked. 

Meanwhile Prussian and Austrian skirmishers battle it out in the woods. Our Jagers were better armed (rifles rather than Muskets) but it took a charge from a formed infantry unit to send the Austrians back. 

Having seen off my 'Bait' Brigade the Austrian cavalry turn to face my remaining cavalry on the Prussian right flank. These troops are better quality and my line is supported by Horse Artillery that pick away at the closest Austrian Brigade for several turns. 

Meanwhile Rays Prussian Infantry have reached the Austrian defencive line. After a couple of turns exchanging gunfire the Infantry move up the hill and engage the Austrians in melee. One lucky shot by Prussian guns takes out an Austrian Heavy gun but otherwise our luck was average at best. 

My Prussian Cuirassiers ready to advance if the need arises.

Prussian Cavalry and Infantry under Ray battles hard to turn the Austrian flank but the tide refuses to turn. With fresh Cavalry and Infantry reserves reinforcing the Austrian flank a breakthrough by the Prussians it is looking increasingly unlikely. 

Austrian Cavalry make a surprising move across the front of my waiting units, tempting me to charge them in the flank....which I duly obliged.

Having sent the Austrian Cavalry packing I followed through into a second unit, this time with less success. My Cavalry retreated but were far from badly damaged and should be back into action in a few turns...if we last that long.

Looking down the table from the Prussian right flank. Our flanks are still strong but the infantry attack on the Austrians positions has stalled and we are fast coming up on an Army morale check having lost two Brigades with another at half strength. 

...and we fail the Morale check so its game over. Frederick the Great (aka Ray) throws in the towel and pulls back his army before casualties mount to dangerous levels. 

Bugger, we lost. What more is there to say, we thought we had a wining strategy but ultimately we took too many casualties to continue to fight. Three things went wrong for the Prussian's that contributed to our defeat. Firstly we deployed one Brigade of Cavalry on the table edge and failed to appreciate the implications of loosing them so early in the game. Secondly our slow advance meant that most of the Austrian Cavalry was outside 15" and could double move, giving them the chance to redeploy quickly across their rear and bolster the flank we were attacking. Thirdly our commander-in-chief was drugged up to the eyeballs with Tramadol... So basically its all his fault!

We all enjoyed playing this set of rules and I think we all agreed that they made for a much more enjoyable playing experience and a much more 'realistic' recreation of warfare in this period. All in all a very good game. 


  1. A nice read mate.
    You haven't got the Irishman on the boat yet!
    Ray on Drugs..... scary thought.
    And although you lost at least you had a result from the game.

  2. Really pleased the KK rules went down well. I've beena fan for ages and have developed a sort of 'parental' view of them. When you cnsider they must be over thirty years old, they've stood the test of time well. Never seen the third edition not sure why they wanted one.

    1. 'parental'... yes I believe it does engender that sort of affection. I've liked them for a long time. The mechanics are simple yet give a form of play that is satisfying for umpire and player alike. What was unusual and gratifying was that there were no arguments prompted by the rules themselves, which is a rare occurence with the Rejects.

      Richard the Umpire

  3. Nice AAR and beautiful pictures Lee.
    I have played KK with smaller actions and it's nice to see that they work well for big battles too. They have a simple flow with some nice period character.
    Cheers, PD

  4. Love the Prussian cuirrasiers...great looking battle!

  5. T'was a great game, despite the result!

  6. Enjoyed that batrep, thanks, great pics.

  7. Great looking battle and looks like you have found your rules



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