Saturday 6 December 2014

Battle of Leignitz - SYW Batrep

This Batrep is long overdue, the game having taken place last weekend. My new job is sapping all my energy and by the time I get home at night I'm so tired all I can do is veg in front of the TV and fall asleep! I haven't picked up a brush in four weeks and blogging has fallen by the wayside. This is a temporary thing I promise. I'm starting to get a grip on the job and things will settle down eventually. Anyway, on with the report... This was Fran's 'farewell' game as the old bugger is heading back to the Emerald Isle in the new year. As guest of honour he chose the period and the profuse cursing that ensued is all his fault!

The game was a re fight of the Battle of Leignitz (1757). I don't know a great deal about the Seven Years War other than the fact that it has been described as the real first world war because of its global reach. Equally I have never played the Age of Reason rules before, although many of the other rejects had. Let me say I hope we never use them again and leave it at that. Unusually Postie allowed the two commanders to deploy their own troops before sides were chosen by the remaining players. The game was played on a 8X4 table and somehow we managed to squeeze 8 players, an umpire and two guests around it inside Stuarts Shed 'O' War. 

Order of Battle
Ordinarily I'd type up the OOB, but as time is short here it is as copied from Posties notes....
General Rousell led myself, Tamsin and Surjit in command of the Prussians
General Fran commanded the Austrian defenders along with Mark, Dave and John.

The Action
The initial setup with two massive blocks of cavalry dominating half of the battlefield

The Austrian players don't look very happy...and the game hasn't even started yet.

The Infantry lines face off against each other (Austrians at the top). Ranges are very short in this game so we had to get quite close before anything could happen.

Austrian and Prussian cavalry advance towards each other.

The Prussians march towards the Austrian defenders. 

The Austrians stand resolute on the hill overlooking the battlefield.

I moved my artillery into range knowing that I would have to risk some return fire before I could unleash some heavy metal upon the defenders. Unfortunately my moral rolls were poor and one gun crew routed and other had to retreat.

Meanwhile Cavalry clash

Surjit moved his smaller cavalry units into a position to attack the thinly defended flank of the Austrians. However the Austrians have moved several guns to bolster the defences. 

Both armies closing on each other.

The Austrian Generals look thoughtful

While the Prussians begin to wonder if the Umpire has rigged the game for an 'irish win'

The view from the Austrian side showing their lines arrayed along a ridge. 

Also taken from the Austrian side, the massive cavalry battle on the flank ebbs and flows with neither side gaining the upper hand.

Austrian lines hold string against the advancing Prussians

The Austrians try to work two cavalry units through a gap in the Jagers (hidden in the woods) made them pay for such boldness.

Clint stayed for a few hours to watch the action and Tamsin did the bulk of the fighting with her cavalry command

Dave and John were kept busy with the cavalry action on the flank

Things start to get a little more mixed up with units becoming disordered and eventually reaching breaking point. 

Meanwhile Prussian infantry under the command of Surjit and Ray move into close range and begin forcing the Austrians off the hill.

In the centre there is little I can do except stand and take casualties. The neutralisation of tow of my three guns early in the game would have made any infantry assault suicidal.

Dave's Currasiers (trying to sneak through a gap) are hit from behind by my Jagers. 

Meanwhile Surjit has forced his way through the Austrian infantry screen on the other flank and a bloody slogging match has begun for the hill.

The Austrian Players are not looking confident. But from the Prussian side their defence still looks impregnable.

Surjits Cavalry have begun to turn the Austrian flank.

The Cavalry battle seems to be inching in the Prussian favour, but no breakthrough yet.

Surj has advanced so far he has to mount the table to reach his troops!

The Austrian flank is being turned, but is is enough?

Return fire takes its toll on the attackers.

The rules used this game...lets just say I didn't like them. 

Nearing the end and both sides are tired (and hungry). 

The game has reached a conclusion with both sides having to make army tests of their resolve. In the end a draw was declared. 
What a slog! I was beginging to wonder if this game would ever end, but end it did and all either side were able to claim was a draw. Personally I didn't like the rules, especially the seemingly overcomplicated system for calculating hits. Having said that I am told (by those who know the SYW better than I) that the rules do suit the period very well. 


  1. Great looking game as ever
    Surprised you dislike AOR rules as they are decent set only the charges ever cause difficulty for us if we forget to make starting point !

  2. A draw is fitting for what I saw before I had to leave. I am glad you all had a good time though. Nice AAR.

  3. Don't know anything about the rules, but this game seems to be fantastic, great looking troops (Austrian army is my fafourite) and table!

  4. Nice batrep Lee. I might have missed it, but you don't seem to have mentioned about Postie "accidentally" dropping the activation card for your dragoon brigade (you know, the one which didn't move and caused two of my regiments to rout off the table as there wasn't space for them behind the dragoons).on the floor for 2 turns.

    It was certainly a fun day, but those rules....

  5. Nice report Lee, I'm still halfway through mine!!!! A slog of a report for a slog of a game!?!?

  6. I hate linear tactics period games - much too slow. All linear tactics period rules need a mechanism for getting the troops into contact sooner, rather than later, Something like double or triple rate moves while a certain distance from your opponent. I have the same problem with Age of Sail rules. I'll stick to post American Civil War periods.
    Dick Bryant
    "No scenario survives first contact with a wargamer"

  7. Great photos of a handsome game!

  8. Looks like a very nice game. Sad to hear Fran has to leave your group. May I suggest Maurice for further games of SYW as it's quite fun.



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