Wednesday 19 March 2014

My Winter Painting Challenge

The Analogue Hobbies Winter Painting Challenge is drawing to a close (6am tomorrow here in the UK) and its been a busy and productive three months for all the entrants. The standard of painting has been exceptionally high and I think most people will agree the Bonus Rounds were both fun to participate in and a visual feast of the best on offer. But for me personally the big news is that I managed to hit my target of 600pts ! WoooHoo! OK so its not even in the same ballpark as some of the entrants - It isn't even on the same planet as those in the top spots - but I'm proud of my efforts none the less.

I would have liked to have snuck in a last minute entry but bucket loads of brown stuff have hit the fan in work and I haven't had the time. Instead I have spent the last week and a half pulling double shifts in the office to keep pace with the current crisis and I haven't even so much as looked at my painting desk. Luckily I had my final bonus round figures painted and submitted just before all hell broke loose here at panic-central, so my Last Stand literally became my last stand.

Anyway, its been a great Challenge and I thought now would be a good time to post a pictorial rundown of all my entries:

Judge Dredd (32mm Foundry)
Rogue Trooper (32mm Foundry)
Sorcerer (28mm Citadel) - worst entry by far...
Weyland the Smith (28mm Wayland Games) - Non-Combatant Bonus Round
The Mummy (28mm Ral Partha) - Villan Bonus Round
Panzer Grenadier Platoon (15mm Battlefront)
Tiger 131 (15mm Peter Pig) - Vehicle Bonus Round 
British Grants and Deacons (6mm Heroics and Ros)
St George verses The Dragon (28mm Mouldmaker) - Hero Bonus Round
Mayan Sacrifice (28mm Outpost Wargames) - Casualty Bonus Round
Italian heavy armour and Blitz Trucks (1:285 / 6mm GHQ & Heroics and Ros)
Tom Bombadil (28mm Citadel) - Favourite Character Bonus Round
Cowboys (28mm Foundry)
Panzer's & Palm Trees (1:285/6mm GHQ and Scotia)
And my Final Entry....

ZULU! (28mm Black Scorpion) - Last Stand Bonus Round
I realise that my total pile of painted lead isn't even remotely close to some of the other Challenge entrants, but I'm pretty pleased with what I have achieved. Many of these figures would have languished on my Lead Mountain for many years to come had it not been for the impetus imparted by the competition and I am really glad I took part. Now all I need is a new display cabinet to put them in!


  1. Some cracking entries there Lee.. Dredd is one of my favourites from the whole challenge, and its great to see the Salute freebie painted up..

    1. Thanks, I think he's my favourite as well.

  2. Fantastic work, Lee. I really like the character vignettes you submitted. One of the fun things about the challenge is that it does force us all to dip into the lead pile. I reduced mine a good bit this year and will likely need to replenish my miniature "reserves" over the summer!

    1. Its been great to get these great models off of my Lead Mountain, even if they have been a bit of a distraction from painting models for wargaming only.

  3. Replies
    1. Your fruity approval is most appreciated.

  4. I've to say that is damn fine selection Lee, what will we do with out time now?

  5. Thanks, its a pretty cool model. I origionally painted the stone steps grey like a granite material, but in the end I re painted it in a light coloured sandstone. It works so much better in that colour....and it shows up the blood more clearly!

  6. In my case I'm going to collapse in a gibbering heap and take up golf instead!

    Only joking, golf is a sport and thats far too close to 'exercise' for me. I'll stick with wargaming. When the work related madness currently taking up all my time dies off I'll take a few days to relax before hitting the brushes again. In the meantime the Rejects have a game on Saturday so its back to the table before the paints.

  7. I like a lot of these, but the cowboys are my favorites. Nicely done. Great quality and as Stalin said, quantity has a quality all its own.

  8. Excellent entries, Lee !
    It was great fun to go through them once again.


  9. You did some pretty cool stuff during this years challenge!

  10. Nice stuff Lee and an interesting varied mix. I think Bombadil is my favourite, with Dredd a close second.

  11. a lot of great works here !!
    you can be proud !

  12. Enjoyed your Entries Lee, the Zulu my favorite if I had to pick one

  13. Great variety of models, scales and periods. Nicely painted Lee.

  14. Really enjoyed your entries Lee, especially the 6mm stuff and your bonus entries. Well done and thanks for sharing mate.

  15. Great variety of painted miniatures. The Bonus rounds certainly give incentive to look beyond painting for games and scratch through the miniature mountain.

  16. Great work, to make your quota or better is what it is about, and as you say many would sit on the lead pile for years to come. I must join next year.


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