Thursday 8 August 2013

Holiday Time!

It's Holiday time in the Hadley household and I will be away for a few days next week, which means even fewer posts than I have been doing of late! I won't be taking any painting gear with me on this trip, I doubt if I'll have much time given we will be cramming as much as we can into our very short break. However I will try to upload a few pictures in the evening (time and wi-fi connection permitting) especially as we intend on visiting a couple of interesting museums while we are away. I still have a week and half off work after we return from our short holiday and I'm hoping to get some painting (and maybe even a game or two) done then, fingers crossed! 

One of the museums I'm hoping to revisit is the Spitfire & Hurricane Memorial Museum at Manston. I took this picture of  their Spitfire Mk XVI last time I was there, way back in 2004.

Initially we were hoping to book two weeks away somewhere but due to my eldest daughters Duke of Edinburgh Award commitments (meaning I need to be taxi service etc) we had to cut that down to a week and then when her plans changed again even that became impossible. So now Mrs BigLee, the Young Padawan and myself will be going away for just three days and we'll be doing it without my eldest. It's not the first time she hasn't been away with us but it's still a very strange feeling, especially this summer where she has been away for four out of the last five weeks. She's growing up fast and starting to live her own life... and boy does that makes me feel old!


  1. The Manston History museum opposite has developed since 2004 and well worth a visit too. Also Hornby Model world at Margate is only 3 miles or so from the museum...often some Airfix bargains in the shop and can recommend a pint at the Rose Inn Wickhambreux near Canterbury & you can visit the grave of the Dambuster David Maltby in the churchyard opposite (there is a display about him in the spitfire & hurricane museum.

    1. Hmmmm I didn't know Hornby Model World. I may have to try and get that on my to-do list as well.

  2. Happy hollidays! Mine are almost over! :-(
    I hope to see a lot of pictures of that museum when you're back!


  3. It may be short but make sure it counts, have a great time


  4. Have a good holiday mate, is this your 6th or 7th holiday this year?

  5. Hang in there Lee, and enjoy your holiday.


  6. Have a good holiday mate, even if it has been cut from 14 days to 3. Quality not quantity!

  7. All the best mate, have a good time.

  8. You just wait until your daughter goes on a girlie holiday for 10 days in Magalouf (not sure or care how its spelt!!) with her pals!!! That'll make your hair go grey.....


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