Tuesday 1 January 2013

First Game of 2013

A few years ago we went on a family holiday to Yorkshire. We had a six hour drive and after a while my youngest daughter (then aged 5) got bored and invented a great Car Game called 'Tomato Ketchup'. It's a silly game that the whole family (except the driver) can take part in and it works best with four or more players.

Nominate a player to become the Seeker and they then close their eyes and listen very carefully over the sound of the car and road. Another random player then says "Tomato Ketchup" in a silly voice and the Seeker must decide which of the other players said it. If they are right the player that was 'caught' becomes the Seeker and has to close their eye's and then someone else says "Tomato Ketchup". Simple, silly, funny, utterly pointless and us mad lot play it every time we have a long drive!

Last Night we went to Family for New Years Eve and on the drive home - primarily to keep me awake as I was the driver - we played Tomato Ketchup. We also played the 2nd Edition rules called "Brown Sauce". So there you have it, my first game of 2013! And before you ask, none of us were drunk, we're just silly in the head.


  1. You could be onto something there, Lee... ;)

  2. Starting the new year off right!

  3. Already playing in 2013???
    This family knows no limits!!!
    Happy year to all

  4. Sounds like fun. I'll need to remember that one for when I have little 'uns.

  5. Saved for future use by my sons! (1 yr and -3 months old)


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