Monday 31 December 2012

Resolutions then and now

Its time once again for looking back at the year gone by and looking forward to the year to come. Were those New Years Resolutions achieved or abandoned and what will be my resolutions for 2013. I looked back at my review of 2012 last night and cringed when I read some of my resolutions. Lets just say that its been a 'mixed bag' of successes and failures. 

Last years Resolutions:
  • Put a new roof on my shed - Er...I'm embarrassed to say that never even got off the drawing board. A combination of no money, apathy and then constant bad weather put paid to that plan. Hopefully 2013 will be better.  
  • Survive the Apocalypse - I didn't actually set this as a resolution but I did safely predict our collective survival. Just call me Nostradamus Jnr....
  • Paint more miniatures than 2011 - Well as usual my painting progressed in fits and starts but I think I ended with a surge. I'm not sure I actually beat my 2011 total but I have completed some inter
  • Continue building my Blog - BLMA has continued to grow with the number of followers leaping from 230 at the end of last year to 464 as of this morning. The hot count also clocked past the half million mark earlier in the year and now stands at a whopping 637 thousand! Gulp. I'd definitely like to see the Million mark breached sometime in the next year and with a regular 1000+ hits per day that's certainly achievable. As I have said many times, thanks to everyone who helps make this Blog what it is by joining in and contributing to the conversation.
  • Play More Games - Its been another bumper year for gaming although I have taken part in fewer RPG's this year. On the plus side I have branched out into a new scale (6mm/1:300th) and I can see this increasing my gaming tally for next year. 

Resolutions for 2013:
  • Put a roof on the shed & decorate the living room (including a new painting desk!). - Given my  failure to re roof my shed for several years running I must be glutton for punishment putting this on my list again for 2013, but I live in hope. The wife has also suggested re-decorating our living room and this may be my opportunity to get a bigger and better painting desk... watch this space!
  • Finish painting my 15mm Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadier Company - I'm so near but so far from completing this project. 
  • Build up my 6mm collection - I have a lot of models, but they all need painting. I need to focus on getting several companies painted.
  • Play more Games - I put this on my list every year but this year but I really am a lightweight compared to some.
  • Run a game for the Rejects - I know I'm going to regret this resolution but nobody reads these long posts anyway so maybe the guys won't notice my mistake! 

Well there you have it my next batch of broken promises resolutions looking all shiny and neat. Please don't hold me to them! 


  1. will keep an eye on you to see these resolutions get complete.
    Peace James

  2. I wish you a Happy New Year and that you can reach your goals in 2013!

  3. Best for you and yopur family in 2013, Lee.

  4. Good on you not a bad success rate. Well doe and a Happy New Year.

  5. Have a great New Year Lee and enjoy that DIY!

  6. Seems like good progress to me. I've been planning to clean the garage and make it into a usable space for at least 4 years. Happy New Year and I look forward to reading your posts, especially about running a game for the rejects.

  7. Best of luck with the resolutions and Happy New Year! :)

  8. I always make only one resolution each year and that is to make no resolutions, that way I don't give myself a hard time every New Year... ;)
    Happy New Year!

  9. Sounds like some pretty good successes to me there Lee!
    Best wishes for 2013

  10. Have a great 2013 and keep up good workon the Blog it's always a good read


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