Thursday 13 December 2012

Its been a week since my last confession...

Sorry for the recent silence folks; its the usual combination of work, illness and general lack of time which has resulted in my absence from the Blogosphere over the last week. I've had a major Audit at work and that has required some heavy duty preparation. And of course on audit day itself - when I need to be on top form - I was struggling with a stinker of a head-cold. Combine all this with the usual pre Christmas activities such as shopping, parties etc and I've not found the time to write anything. However I have been painting and even finished a few items, but until now hadn't got round to photographing them to share here.

I've started putting together some British 8th Army to face off against the Axis forces in North Africa and have started with an Infantry Tank Company.

8th Army Infantry Tank Company
So far I have the core of the company including A HQ troop of Matilda II tanks, One Troop of Matilda II's and three more of Valentine II's. I also have an Infantry Platoon consisting of a command MG/Rifle Team, a Light Mortar Team, an Anti-Tank Rifle Team and six Rifle/MG Teams.

Infantry Rifle/MG Teams
I'll be adding a second infantry platoon at a later date along with an Artillery Troop of 25 Pounders which I am working on now.

I'm still looking for a suitable desert game surface or battle mat to play on. I've seen several products online but they are either incredibly expensive or out of stock! Any suggestions? 


  1. Sorry no suggestions on the surface but I can tell you the new arivals look good


  2. Feeling quite inspired today (despite the cold). I watched one of my favourite war films yesterday "Ice Cold in Alex". My wonderful wife taped it for me because she knew I like it. I'm now on a mission to acquire a model of the Austin K2 ambulance seen in the film for inclusion in my North Africa collection.

  3. Great work Lee and looking forward to seeing more of your North African theatre forces coming together. I've also been a bit quiet on the blogging front for (vaguely) similar reasons. Hopefully in the new year things will settle down and I'll be back in full swing.

  4. Lee, that's looking really excellent. I really like the blend of groundwork and figure painting - looks very realistic. As for the Austin K2 ambulance....yes, that is a MUST! What a great film.

    1. I'm still learning how to paint at this scale but I'm happy with the result so far.

  5. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. The figures look fantastic. I must resist the urge to drop 1/72 and switch over to 6mm. I will now write this 100 times.

  6. Great looking vehicles and infantry. Struggling to find the time at the moment feel lousy and have far to much stuff to do

  7. Hi Lee! Great looking progress!
    You could try making a mat on your own. Here's how to make mats from artists canvas and painters acryl stuff. I hope Google Translate produces something readable since this is in German:

    Hope this helps!

  8. Lee - they're looking good.. for playing surface I use (and recommend) these:


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