Tuesday 7 August 2012


I'm still working through the large volume of pictures I shot over the weekend but here's a little teaser from Sundays Spitfire display at Duxford. The weather was overcast an wet all morning but by the afternoon it had turned into perfect air show conditions. I took up position where experience told me was a good spot and it paid off as I got this and several other beautiful shots of the spitfires in action.

As usual I'm trying to label everything correctly before I post it here (as one of my friends said recently "..a clear sign of OCD!"). I'm making progress and hope to have the best of the rest posted tomorrow.


  1. That Sir is money shot!!! If every other pick turns out to not be quite right you would have every reason to consider it a succsesful shoot.


  2. Great shot. Perhaps you should quit your day job, unless your day job is being a photographer.

  3. very good pictures of my preferred plane!
    (it remains me my childhood when I built some spitfires with paper and glue! They always won against the Me!)

  4. Whoaaahhhh!!! Awesome photo!


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