Wednesday 8 August 2012

Spitfires & Merlin's at Duxford

On Sunday I went up to the Imperial War Museum's site at Duxford. There were having a Spitfires and Merlin's Day with a small air show from a select few aircraft. But as these included several Spitfires - including a rare Mk I - I couldn't resist the event. The day had an inauspicious start with heavy rain clouds rolling in and a prolonged period of wet and overcast weather settling on the site. However by 2pm the rain had passed, the sun began to peak through and some blue sky could be seen. By the time the aircraft were in the sky it had turned into perfect air-show weather... at least from a photography point of view.

I'm really happy with the pictures I got Sunday. They are by far the best I have taken at Duxford and that is largely down to experience (setting up in the right spot) and the fact that the sun was shining with dramatic clouds and blue sky in the background. This photography malarkey is as much luck as anything else, and I had it in spades on Sunday. Anyway I hope you like the pictures.

Squadron Leader Nigel Rose, Ray Newlyn & Squadron Leader Tony Pickering
Classic Cars at Duxford
De Havilland Tiger Moth
North American T-6 Harvard IV
Piper L4 Grasshopper
Another De Havilland Tiger Moth
Mk V Spitfire BM597
Spitfires Mk IX (MH434) and the Mk V (BM597) in close formation
Close-up of the Pilot of the Mk IX Spitfire MH434

This Mk I Spitfire P9374 is the oldest surviving airworthy Spitfire in the world.
Another shot of the Mk I - This aircraft was shot down at Dunkirk in 1940 and 'lost' to the sea.
Rediscovered in the sand in 1980 it was eventually recovered, restored and made airworthy in 2000
The B17 Flying Fortress 'Sally B' wasn't flying but it was on show for all to admire.
I also became a Friend of the Museum on Sunday which entitles me to free entry on non show days, discounts to air-shows and 20% off in the shop (a privilege I took immediate advantage of!) as well as other benefits. I guess I'll be revisiting Duxford again soon!


  1. Hi Lee,

    Great pictures old chap - gotta love a Spitfire in the English summer sky! We had an overflight at my house on Saturday afternoon of the Battle of Britain memorial flight and they were low enough to wish I had a camera handy.

    All the best,


  2. ... other very good pictures of beautiful airplanes!
    The yellow De Haviland on grey clouds is superb!

  3. More great photographs and what a wonderful story about that Mk. I - amazing to see it flying again.

  4. Awesome. Very, very cool. Great photos. Really good.


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