Friday 17 September 2010

The Glory Thief

My D&D Gaming group met a few days ago to continue our current 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The groups schedule has been a bit erratic over the summer due to family and holiday commitments so we were all looking forward to this game. Our Characters are currently on a side mission for a nearby Dwarven city to clear the trade tunnels (the game is set deep below ground) of an undead infestation. Thus far we have killed dozens of skeletons and wights with no end to the supply of not-so-fresh victims in sight. We must be nearing the climax of this mini adventure because we have started to meet several powerful minions of whoever is pulling the strings on this undead scourge.

The game concluded with a tough(ish) battle against several skeletons and their controller, a Dire Guard Death Bringer. He/it used his/it's powers to keep our characters away from him/it while the skeletons tried their best to kill them. My Character, a Dragonborn Warlord, was able to avoid the main combat and attacked the Dire Guard directly. Within three rounds Uthek had dealt enough damage that the Dire Guard was clearly about to be defeated.... then the halfling rogue in the group stepped in and finished him off with a tiny stab of the dagger. Now I know that's called teamwork and is for the greater good, but that was my Kill!

And this isn't the first time the little s**t has stolen the glory. A few games back we fought a Black Wyrmling and had a tough time of it. My Warlord, the groups Fighter and the Swordmage (the main offensive portion of the group) had cut this beast to ribbons, taking severe damage ourselves in the process. And just when it looked like we were on the cusp of a well deserved victory over the Wyrm, in comes the halfling with his toothpick of a dagger and kills it. And worse still, he now insists on calling himself "Jarped the Dragon Slayer"!!!

Its our own fault... [Sigh] ...this is what we get for allowing halflings in our party. Still, it could be worse. I recall with horror the time we were playing a Dragonlance campaign and we allowed a Kender to join our group. Now that guy was a sociopath!


  1. It was Jarped's kill - He's the real hero of the group! Didn't you know, it's be nice to Halflings Day.

  2. Oy Jarped 'Dragon Slayer' I know it was you that left the last comment, you could have at least mentioned the contribution I made. It has to be said, we halfling brothers have kept this group of lumbering oafs alive.

    Jenack 'Skull Splitter'

  3. Jenack,

    I think you'll find you spend most of your time hiding at the back playing with your bow. I'm the one in there battling away using my SKILLS!

    Jarped 'DRAGON SLAYER'

  4. Jarped 'Dragon Slayer' my hero name wasn't earned by 'playing with my bow' it was my deadly acurate and (may i say) brilliant shooting that killed that flaming skull that everyone else struggled to hit. MY SHOOTING SKILL got me the name 'Skull Splitter'

    Honestly I knew I should have left you at home when I went to find our missing father.


  5. It sounds a lot like the trilogy of 3 backstabs (G1,G2,G3 and 3 dead giant kings) my gaming group talks about.

  6. A similar story but we were playing WFRP. The party was hunting a chaos dragon and had managed to find it's lair. Max Brandysnap, the halfing was left at the mounth of the cave for his own good. The rest of the party found and attacked the dragon and in an epic battle were all nearly killed. They managed to severely injure the dragon which decided to just leave them. For the entire battle a wizard had been trying to cast the steal mind spell on the dragon and make it unconcious. As the monster fled the wizard finally succeded, and the monster fell unconcious at Brandysnap's feet. Who drew his sword and chopped off the dragons head, with the comment "This Dragon slaying isn't really that hard." No, the rest of the party didn't kill him but it was discussed.


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