Sunday 5 September 2010

Big Picture : Dorkmaster

One of the things I love about attending conventions is the people you meet. In 2004 I was lucky enough to chat with one of my favourite webcomic artics, John Kovalic of Dorktower fame.

As well as being a very talented artist he was also a very funny guy to chat to... and he drew me a personalised cartoon in one of his books I'd bought. I'm proud to call myself a member of his Army of Dorkness. 


  1. Friend in the States got John to sign a copy of his Bosworth game for the missus as she is in RIII Society - been a fan of his stuff since then and follow him on FB. His recent cartoons on the lack of ethnic minority zombie models are hilarious...

  2. He's a very nice chap to meet as well. He spent ages chatting to me when I got his books signed.

  3. Dorks of the world unite ! I'm in, just tell me where to sign ! :D

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