Wednesday 1 July 2009

Rampage 09 - Pt 5

This is the concluding part of my picture review of Rampage 09 . Monday I focused on the Dambusters game by Whitsable and Hern Bay Wargame Club. On Tuesday I looked at the Brécourt Manor Assault which was run by Horchurch Wargames Club. I also looked at a game run by Dagenham Wargames Club. This post is a selection of pictures of the other games also on display including another WWII game, Pirates of the Cursed Seas, Wings of War and Warhammer 40k.
This game was Big Cats & Hedgerows by Enfield Wargamers. Again I liked the attention to detail with this game.
This is a Wings of War game run by South East Essex Military Society.
A Pirates of the Cursed Seas game run by Graves End Gamers Guild.
Truk Waagh! by Braintree Wargames Group.

I've put a Picas Album up now will all the photo's shown plus a few more.

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