Monday 6 July 2009


I've got a stinking cold. In fact the whole family have been ill all over the weekend. Its the sort of cold that makes you feel like **** but isn't bad enough to stop you from doing the chores or going to work. Fortunately it also hasn't stopped me from painting so the weekend wasn't a total loss.

There are a few scaremongers out there and one mention of illness and they suspect Swine Flue. Panic not my gullible friends, I have a plan. And like all good plans I have taken my inspiration from the great tactician, Winnie the Pooh....
OK, so maybe I am a little delirious.


  1. Now I don't live too far from you, Lee (a way around the North Circular), and my whole family had that "cold" around 2 weeks ago. Whilst most of us bounced straight back, my wife has been really grim for almost two weeks and I think it may well be the flu; whilst we all had really bad sore throats, she has developed a very bad cough, too.

    I think the flu is spreading a lot faster than anyone anticipated! I keep hearing people with the same chesty cough around town.

    I hope you are all recovered, soon!

  2. It is unusual for all of us to be ill at the same time. And it's summer, so not the normal flu/cold season. We basically 'took the weekend off' from our normal busy schedule and spent the time relaxing (& painting) instead.


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