Sunday 5 May 2024

Command Tensions: When sub-commanders go rogue

How do you deal with the tensions of command in multiplayer wargames? When there are two or more players per side, is it more difficult to execute a cohesive strategy than if you played one one-on-one? There are no court martials around the game table, so how can the army commander bring order when his subcommanders go rogue? 

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  1. Knowing the frustration from which this title arose, I was laughing heartily. However, your reflections were thought provoking and have me thinking about a game later in the year.
    One thought about the replicating player CinCs not moving troops is that it needs a particular type of wargamer to turn up to a game and not want to move any figures or roll any dice. However, watch this space Lee, I'm hatching a plan for the shed of war.
    Enjoyed your post.


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