Monday 13 May 2024

Command & Control: Giving the General something useful to do

Last week I discussed some of the problems associated with multi-player wargames, particularly the headaches this can give the army commander. This week I offer suggestions for providing the overall commander with a meaningful role when he has sub-commanders. to control.



  1. Enjoyed the post. Might take a look at that book.

  2. Interesting topic that I am sure has entered the thought process of many a gamer in a multiplayer game. Communication up and down the chain of command is critical before and during the game. As Army Commander, I tend to keep a tight rein on subordinates needing guidance and direction while letting those showing useful initiative free rein. Again, communication is key!

    By the way, another excellent book review.

    1. Lee! I noticed Palouse Wargaming Journal made it into the The Rejects Blogroll Whoo-hoo!

  3. Great insights! Giving the army commander a meaningful role in multi-player wargames is crucial for effective coordination and strategic decision-making. These suggestions offer practical solutions to enhance command and control in complex scenarios.


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