Tuesday 5 October 2021

Operation Caravan Quick Strike AAR

The LRDG raid on the Italian Airfield at Barce in September 1942 is a classic adventure story of endurance, bravery and brazen daring. This night attack followed a drive of 1850km across vast tracts of inhospitable desert.  The LRDG showed that targets hundreds of miles behind the front lines were vulnerable and nowhere was safe from attack by their "Ghost Patrols".

I first ran this game as a Demo at Broadside in 2017, but of course, running the game meant I didn't get to play it! So I decided I would recreate the scenario and play it as a solo game in my Operations Room. Having made the decision I promptly realised that the rules I used for the demo game were no longer suitable, so I wrote a quick set of simple rules for solo play. They still need a bit of polishing but they worked well, gave me an enjoyable game that replicated the difficulty of this scenario for both sides. 

The original version of this game was a Demo at the Broadside show in 2017.

To fit it on my smaller tale for this solo version I had to twist and squeeze the map a bit to ensure that all the essential elements were present.

As the game progresses smoke rises from more and more targets.

Ultimately the LRDG were there to destroy aircraft and infrastructure on the Italian Airfield, and in this, they succeeded spectacularly. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. It was good to get all this stuff out again and get some more games from it.

  2. I have been looking at doing scenarios like this for some time. Recently I have gotten into solo gaming and could see this working better as a solo or cooperative game.

    I assume this a solo game based on the labels.

    Are your rules available anywhere on the web or would you be willing to share.

    Thank you and an excellent bit of history, game and some bring you back down to earth results of the post scenario actions. Thank you.

  3. Looked brilliant once again Lee. I think we need to play this again in Reject HQ.


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