Sunday 31 October 2021

Hobby Gatekeepers

Being a Gatekeeper often has negative connotations attached to it. But can we turn being a gatekeeper into a positive thing for the hobby? Surely if a gatekeeper can hold shut a door they could also hold it open? Here are my thoughts on why any gamer with a blog or youtube channel needs to be an advocate for the hobby as a whole, welcoming in new players, unafraid to let them decide what they want from their hobby.

I'd love to hear about your experience of joining the wargaming community. Did you encounter a gatekeeper that almost put you off entering the hobby, or have you seen it happen to others? 


  1. Great video Lee. I love your metaphor of the city. Good thoughts. Personally, I've experienced both types of gatekeepers, the ones who put you off (not deliberately), but more of the welcoming kind.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Most of the people I have encountered are excellent advocates for the whole hobby. There are plenty examples of welcoming gatekeepers with blogs, vlogs or running demo games at shows. However I have encountered too many memorable examples of the opposite. Fortunately I was already an establish gamer when I encountered these people, not that they knew that of course.

      The subject of the 'greying hobby' comes up regularly and I think it is beholden on everyone that loves the hobby to represent it well to encourage new recruits... even if those newbies want to explore bits of the hobby that don't appeal to the person inviting them inside the city.


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