Wednesday 23 June 2021

Unboxing Cobbled Road

This self-adhesive foam road surface from Bush is another example of Railroad terrain products finding use on my wargaming table. I mounted it on a foam backing so it remains flexible and can be cut as desired for my terrain layouts.

This is a new product for me and has opened my eyes a bit to the diversity of Railway layout terrain products available, especially from European manufacturers. Now I need to find something to make pavements from so hopefully next week I can take this little project a step further. 

Gamers to the core: My job here is done.
On a side note....

I had hoped to be getting in a few more solo games before Posties Rejects finally get back in the Shed-O-War in early July (once we've all had our vaccinations of course) but I have been a little sidetracked by a slightly more important project. 

My daughter Sarah is getting married this weekend and we've all been just a little busy preparing. The final stage of lockdown easing was due to happen in England this week but has been delayed by four weeks. Weddings were the one exception, but with a caveat that has thrown us into last-minute frantic reorganization. The limit of 30 guests at weddings was lifted but with social distancing rules still in effect. This limits the capacity of the venue and means no dancing or buffet meal in the evening. We have therefore had to cancel the evening reception, move back the time of the wedding (otherwise we'd all be going home by 4pm!) and change the guestlist. Everything is ready (again!) and the only thing left to throw a spanner in the works is the great British weather. 

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