Wednesday 16 June 2021

Ruined 15mm MDF Ruined Buildings and a Box Girder Bridge

Following on from a video I did a few weeks ago I bought some more low cost 15mm MDF buildings from eBay. The latest set is a collection of basic ruins designed as freestanding walls. I decided to upgrade these by mounting the walls on bases and filling the interiors with a rubble mix that I made from railway tallus, sand and broken MDF and bits of sprue. While I was at it I also made some additional rubble bases to add to the outside of the buildings and block streets so that I can recreate a destroyed town in my games. 

Along with the Buildings I also bought an MDF Box Girder Bridge from the same seller on eBay. The bridge and all the buildings were given a simple paint scheme and the finished products are shown at the end of the video.

The ruined buildings are two sets which combined cost a modest £11 in total while the Box Girder Bridge was £3.50. As with the buildings I bought before (link here) they are basic models but are easy to 'upgrade' and when painted look pretty good on the games table. 

Simple buildings with a simple paint scheme

I filled the interior with a rubble mix that I made from different sized railway tallus and bits of sprue and offcuts of MDF

I also made some additional 'rubble bases' to scatter in the streets and around the buildings. And lastly, I bought a Box Girder Bridge. 

I hope you liked the video and I'm sure this won't be the last stuff I buy from eBay or from this seller. 

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