Friday 14 May 2021

Unboxing - Old D Day Maps

Today I have a short video showing off a couple of reproduction D-Day maps published by Godfrey Edition. These have all the D-Day Bigot planning annotations on the maps and will keep me engrossed in the detail for days to come. 

I plan on using these to enhance my setting up of terrain and possibly for a campaign series of linked games sometime in the future. 


  1. This is a brilliant discovery, thanks for sharing

    1. I can't believe I hadn't discovered them years ago. As I said in the Video, I have quite a few old maps from this company for locations in England but never thought to see if they did any for D-Day.

      Thinking about it, if anyone wants to do an 'Operation Sealion' what-if campaign, then there are plenty of maps suitable for that in the Godfrey Edition catalogue.

  2. They were a limited edition release, numbered and signed on the backs, taken from his fathers originals of Omaha.

  3. Replies
    1. Already been useful in setting up a game I did recently so their earning their way!


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