Monday 29 July 2019

War and Peace 2019

Saturday I went to the War and Peace Revival show at Paddock Wood in Kent. This time I accompanied the Veterans and saw another side of the show that I haven't encountered before. I'm normally straight into the Living History areas of the show or hastening to the arena to see some armour in action. This time my day started with a service of remembrance surrounded by some highly decorated veterans.

Don and Albert look through a book of D-Day photo's. 

Inside the Veterans Marquee

Parade of heroes. Some very decorated men and women in this lineup

The drumhead remembrance service was very moving

John and Don have a 'little' snifter! 

As the service came to an end, so did the rain so we headed out for a very quick look around the showground. Luckily I've been here many times and I knew to wear some waterproof shoes! Let's just say the roads around the side had gone from plain old mud to mud-coloured soup with the passage of thousands of visitors and hundreds of military vehicles.

This replica StuG is often seen at living history events. 

This excellently restores Sherman is still covered with battle damage, shrapnel slash marks and impact scars. 

Dust wasn't an issue...the mud looked like it could swallow up a person. 

A mock-up of a WWII field hospital. 

Did I mention the mud? Lucky my walking shoes are water proof. 

This Marder II (Ausf M) is a rare example. The open-topped fighting compartment is mounted on the chassis of the Czech Panzer 38(t). About 80% original parts the remainder has been sensitively restored by the owner, but he's always on the lookout for original parts. 

The same owner also has this original StuG III Ausf D. It was one of only three sent to North Africa and was captured by the allies, this one being returned to Britain. 

Myself and my Brother in Law Ray. 

A fine example of a restored Volkswagen Schwimmwagen

This M3 Grant tank still bears the scars of years as a range target. A testament to the simplicity and durability of this vehicle the new owner put a new engine in it and runs it in its current 'swiss cheese' condition. 

I've always wanted a Bren Carrier... it's on my shopping list should I ever win the lottery! 

Another excellent restoration, a rare Valentine DD tank. The inflatable screen is very similar to those fitted to Shermans for the D-Day landings. 

A classic Sherman. There were a few of these roaring around the site. 

Two Hetzers owned by Kevin Wheatcroft. One has been restored and the other (from a Swiss range) is about to begin restoration. 

Want to buy some track for your Tiger I? At £550 a link it could prove expensive!

Or a Panther wheel at £350... you need deep pockets if you're a collector. 

A wonderful and typically wet day but a good one despite some exhibitors going home early the day before. I guess the bad weather had them worried about their armour getting rusty!


  1. Replies
    1. didn't mean to put a ? on the end.

    2. It was an excellent day, despite the rain.

  2. looks different in the mud ! I was there on the hottest day Thursday, didnt see the Lee/Grant and no veterans sensibly around on that hot day, I have met several in previous years and is usually my favourite aspect so most envious, photos on my blog a few similar to yours! I did get some useful kit for my Combined cadet force activities tho and a couple of tank models for excellent prices!!

    1. I've been to W&P in the mud before (before the short lived move to Folkstone). This isn't the worst I've seen, and there is little the organisers can go about it. I'm sure most of the reenactors don't mind (realistic, life on campaign and all that) but the traders probably don't like it because it reduces visitor numbers.

  3. As always a great looking show and you survived the mud!

    1. I saw people in wellies struggling to keep them on their feet...stout waterproof boots (or Hiking shoes in my case) are all that's needed.

    2. Oh and don't run, or you'll slip and go arse-over-tit (saw some bloke go full Glastonbury, flat on his back in three inches of mud... I may have laughed a little to loudly!).

  4. Went on Thursday and was shocked how little there was compared to when I last went about 5 years ago. The reanactments were pretty poor. Just search up 'WW2 Reanactment War and Peace Show'. The one I mention is from 2011 I think. Incredible with lots of vehicles, all types of soldiers, PAK 40 firing regularly. Proper reenactment. The displays were ok but not as good. Still a good show but a shadow of its former self sadly.

    1. Every year is different but I didn't get as long to look around this year as I would have liked.


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