Friday 5 April 2019

Twittering from Salute 2019

Only one more sleep until Salute 2019 and I am (as usual) unreasonably excited. Like last year Ray, Stuart (aka 'Postie') and I will be sneaking in 'behind the scenes' with early-entry passes which means we will be inside the event shortly after 8am to watch the final preparations of the Traders and Clubs. I'll be posting pictures to my Twitter account before and during the day with the hashtag #Salute2019. 

No Salute would be complete without a slew of excellent display games and as usual I will be taking a lot more pictures during the day (too many probably) and will post a selection of the best here on the Blog sometime on Sunday. Of course, Salute is also a huge trading event and this year I have a very large shopping list to fulfil. The combined entry and parking fees do make this an expensive event to attend, but I always make back the cost by saving postal charges on my purchases and this year I expect to be saving quite a bit! 

I tend to walk around in a world of my own so if you see me and I don't acknowledge you its probably because I'm lost in contemplation (or trying to ignore the pain in my arthritic knees). PLEASE feel free to interrupt my reverie and say hello, I love chatting to readers of the blog and one of the best bits about these shows is the chance to meet people and chat about our wonderful crazy hobby. If you don't see me wandering around I'll be at the Blogger Meet Up at 12 at the big red dot! 

For those that are coming, have a safe journey and I hope to see you inside. For those that aren't for various reasons, I hope my pictures give you a flavour of the day and maybe inspire you to come to  Docklands for Salute 2020!


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