Saturday 1 December 2018

Dragonmeet 2018

PictureWay back in the mists of time (while still a callow youth) I started my gaming life as a player of Roleplaying Games. A small group of school friends and I got together and started playing the classic RPG, Dungeons and Dragons. The same group kept going for many years playing several versions of DandD and exploring a wide range of other games including my first venture into wargaming with Warhammer Fantasy Battles. We would regularly attend a small Tabletop Gaming convention called Dragonmeet but as the years passed, the group dispersed and my interests moved firmly from RPG's to Wargaming, I stopped going to the show. 

Its been a fair few years since I last went to Dragonmeet and in the intervening years it has continued to grow and prosper becoming the largest event of its kind in the UK. The show is a broad church with a wide range of demo and participation board and role play games; a bring and buy stall; a Magic card game tournament; guest panels; and traders selling games, dice, models and everything in between. In recent years my eldest daughter and her friends have started playing DandD and regularly attend Dragonmeet. Up till now I hadn't wanted to cramp their style by tagging along (I'm a bonafide old fart after all) but this year they offered a spare ticket to me and I couldn't ignore the invitation and the chance to revisit a fond corner of my gaming heritage.

The bring and buy stall. Plenty of bargains for those lucky enough to find what they are looking for.

Perry and Sarah... 2nd generation gamers.

There were lots of Demo games taking place, many featuring newly released games and kickstarters.

Shadow Warriors with their WW I aerial warfare game. 

Dice...lots and lots of dice.

Sarah and her friends buying gaming mats

More demo games... Is it me or are these getting more complicated over time? Seriously, you need an overdraft and a forklift to buy these games.

Ian Livingston signing copies of his Fighting Fantasy books. 

Meeting  John Kovalic; cartoonist, games designer and jolly nice chap.

What a great day! The show has certainly changed since my last visit, but for the better. More traders, more space for participation games and a wider selection of seminars. I was even able to pick up some miniatures that may make it into the Painting Challenge. 


  1. Looks to have been a great day out.

    Like you I started as a roleplayer and lately have been doing more rpgs than table top; such is life.

    Always wanted to goto Dragonmeet just not the best time of year for a road trip.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. It was a blast from the past. I'd still happily play RPG's but my original group scattered to the four winds following careers and partners and getting together for anything resembling a campaign was nigh on impossible.

  2. I'm another who started on the RPGs before moving to wargames. Still play loads of RPGs though having never lost the itch and likely always will. Great post!

    1. I was seriously tempted by several 'new' games I saw at the show. I just haven't got a group to play em with.

  3. Replies
    1. I was tempted by so much... I'll make role players of you lot in the end. :)

  4. I started playing RPG in my teens before moving to historical. Left it for decades and last year my 50-something club mates and I started again with D&d 5th edition and Cthulhu once every month

    1. For much of my gaming life I've played both side by side. I enjoyed being a GM but I never really enjoyed 4th Edition and our group dispersed before 5th came in. My daughter and her friends play 5th and seem to be enjoying it. If I wasn;t such an old fart I'd try to get in on her group and show them how its done 'old school'.

  5. Looks like a fun day and kinda cool your daughter invited you along. 😀
    I also started in RPGs before getting into wargaming proper.

  6. I started gaming as a solo gamer. when i went to their convention - i was the only one there!


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