Saturday 10 March 2018

24th Foot in Skirmish order

As promised (foolishly) a few weeks ago I have been painting the same six companies of Infantry in march order, line and now in skirmish order. This should give the British player a lot of flexibility with his troops and also means I can scale games down to quite small, single company actions if a scenario demanded it.

Each company consisted of 16 figures which I have now split into four bases of four infantry. These can be placed touching each other to form a skirmish line which has double the frontage of a formed company or with a gap between each base to represent an extended line.

I have now painted pretty much all my British figures so I think, for now, that's the last of my Anglo Zulu War project for this challenge.

The same company shown Marching, Formed line, Skirmish and Extended order. 

Its not my last entry though... I have a few 'special' entries for my parting shot and the field is wide open with regards to scale and theme, so watch this space.

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