Monday 4 September 2017

Medway Modellers at the RE Museum

Yesterday I went to the RE Museum in Chatham for the second time this year.This time though I was there to see the Medway Modellers display their magnificent kits and scratch built models. Kit building takes modelling skills to a whole different level and I was genuinely in awe of the quality of some of the vehicles on display. 

Lots of kit vehicles by a wide range of manufacturers

I particularly like the tanks (of course) but its also interesting to see the innovative materials sometimes used by kit builders...such as this block of foam for the base. 

Sailing ships with rigging are always impressive...

...but this camouflaged model of the Olympic was mid boggling in its detail.  

I also rather likes this Desert diorama

This model is actually several kits used together with a significant amount of scratch building to make the trailer.

An Italian SM79 Bomber...another rather nicely done model

Tanks with some amazing camo and weathering

Another example of the hyper realistic weathering  

British Officer from the Zulu Wars

There was even a wargame on display...just the one.

The Royal Engineers Museum is always worth a visit but this event made the venue even more interesting. 


  1. Great pics Lee. I really need to visit the place myself!

  2. Unfortunately as a club we could not contact the organiser in time. Also as a 2 day show we could only manage a single day. So the decision was taken not to attend this year.

    but the pics do look good


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