Thursday 14 September 2017

FoW Unit Cards... for 3rd Edition

This is something I worked on prior to the Rejects Demo Game at Broadside back in June. Earlier in the year I bought the 4th Edition rules and rather liked the idea of Unit Cards as a simple way for players to understand their troops. However I decided that I didn't want (for the moment at least) to convert to 4th Edition. With the demo game looming I decided to make my own Unit Cards specifically for the simplified version of 3rd edition that I was planning on using at the show. The result was a series of cards for all the LRDG and Italian units that featured in our game, and as a tool for newbie players I felt that worked really well. I have since used the cards again in small scale games at home and decided to expand the collection by making more for other units. 

Here are some examples of the cards I made in June. Note to the rules Lawyers; These are for my simplified version of the rules so any differences to the stats in the rulebooks reflects changes I made specifically for the demo game. 

All the cards were broadly the same, made on a spreadsheet and then printed on card. 

The cards are a convenient place to note down special rules as well as the vehicle or unit stats.

Tank and Armourd vehicle cards are only slightly different

Different movement rates for mounted and on foot are easily accommodated

I was also able to use the cards for units that I created myself that are not in the rulebooks

I'll definitely continue to use these for other games. I'm currently making a set for the units I painted for Operation Compass over the winter. Another advantage of these cards is you can just grab the units and the cards, set up terrain and your ready to play a game in next to no time. If anyone wants a copy of the spreadsheet let me know. Its in a Google Sheet format so I can share with anyone that uses Google Drive. 


  1. They worked very well and for WWII thicko's like me were desperatly needed!

  2. If they make the game flow better I am all for them.

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