Wednesday 28 December 2016

Tentacled Beast

I have been looking forward to the 7th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge for several months and the tension has been mounting as the start date drew nearer. Then no sooner had the starting pistol fired than I fell ill with a bed chest cold which rapidly morphed into Bronchitis (surprisingly uncontrolled coughing isn't helpful when trying to paint 6mm figures!). So I lost most of the first week laid up in bed trying to motivate myself to pick up a brush again. I did eventually do so but decided to start with something quick and easy until my blurred vision and fuzzy brain had cleared a little. The result was that my first submission to the challenge was a little bit of madness. 

This resin miniature was actually bought by my Daughter at Salute a couple of years ago and she never got round to painting I thought I'd give it a bash. The figure is about 40 mm tall and came in three parts. I decided to give it a red undercoat and then built up with successive layers of purple and pink. The whole model was then washed with a deep purple ink. 

It earned me a solid 12 points and meant my first week wasn't a complete washout. I have now started some 'proper' painting and hope to have something decent to show off next week. 


  1. Not something I would expect in the shed of war.... well not something on the table anyway.

  2. It's Purple and got Tentacles.....

    Is it a Bronchitis-a-saurus?

    Get well soon.



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