Wednesday 13 May 2015

The Battle of Pattala - A Macadonian Massacre

Its been a while since my last game with Posties Rejects but now that I've had it I almost wish I'd stayed at home! I can't remember the last time I was on the receiving end of such a thrashing. I blame the rules of course, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with our tactics...

The Setup
Alexander has invaded India and now faces a huge Indian army outside the walls of the city of Pattala. This is a classic Quality verses Quantity encounter with the Macedonians significantly outnumbered but with superior troops.

The Action
Initial Setup. We (the Macadonian players) were able to deploy in response to the Indian setup

Elephants emerging from the city gate

Yet more Elephants on their right wing

And Heavy Chariots

The Macadonian right...with quality infantry shielded by skirmishers and supported by cavalry

Phalanx after Phalanx of Heavy Infantry in the centre

Facing rank after rank of Indian Archers

And of course a commander on the back of another Elephant

The Macadonian advance begins but things go wrong from the very beginning.
This is where the plan fell apart...about fiver minutes into the game! The omens were bad for the Macadonian right flank (Surjits troops) who refused to advance at all for two turns. Then the Indian archers fire was far more effective than we had hoped. My troops in the centre were going to get a pounding all the way in towards the Indians.

The Indian Elephants advance... And with our Catapults unable to fire on them we couldn't hope to cause a route and watch the carnage we had hoped for.

The Indian Heavy Chariots were also much more powerful than we anticipated. Each chariot was roughly equivalent to each of our cavalry units! Most unsporting.

The Indian right flank was protected by archers on the city walls...more archers than we were initially lead to believe the sneaky beggers!

My Phalanx's march resolutely forward in the centre

And the sky is turned dark with clouds of arrows from the Indian archers

Finally, in about turn four or five one of our catapults can finally start shooting.

Indian Elephants advance slowly but are never really in danger

Ray advances his flank and diverts some of his Bow units to support the attack on my centre. Macadonian units are now taking some serious punishment.

My men are getting closer to the Indian lines but at a heavy price

The Indian players know the battle is theirs very early on. 

Indian Heavy Chariots crash into the flank of a Javelin unit...and ride right over them.

Elephants continue to advance

Just to rub salt in the wounds the Indian commanders now reveal a whole load of extra cavalry they have been keeping in if they bl@$%y needed them!!!

With the flank of my Phalanxes compromised I turn one to face the onrushing Chariots, but their fate has been sealed.

My Phalanxes are withering

Where did my army go? That's it, the Macedonians throw in the towel

Look at the disparity of casualties... Macadonian dead on the left and a handful of Indian casualties on the right.

To the victors the spoils...gloating not allowed!

We deployed wrong and the dice gods failed us but ultimately the killing blow was landed by the rules. The Indian archers are so powerful that we never stood a chance of reaching them. The Elephants and Chariots were also incredibly powerful and nothing the Macadonians had in our order of battle could come close to these in power and strength.

We still had a fun game but from very early on it was clear this battle was going only one way and I was just unlucky in the draw to pick sides!

Update:  Ray earlier posted his Batrep and pictures of the game from the Indian point of view. Worth checking out to see the same battle from a different perspective.


  1. Very nice to see a change from Napoleonic and French Indian wars games which seem to have been the staple for a while in Posties "Shed of war!" And to Have a ray Win is pretty unusual as well. Ray even seems slightly slimmer than normal, So what was really going on? Has postie put something in the water? Has Ray given birth? Do Smiffy and Ian only like brightly coloured troops? Questions will be asked!

  2. Love the difference between the winners and losers photographs in the two posts. If it's any compensation your photos are better ;)

  3. "To the victors the spoils...gloating not allowed!"three happy bunnys,

  4. Great looking armies! Love the city walls. Hail Caesar?

  5. Great report Lee, your pics are better, my camera is obviously like your troops in the game.......crap!
    You were onto a loser from get go, I'm afraid!!

  6. Yeah, I think your pics are better than Rays, the close-ups are that good you can see the Indians smiling! (He,he)

    Another great looking game and markedly different.

  7. Great to see these guys get an outing, big shame that the game was so slanted and yes your pics are better ;-)


  8. Great battle report and pictures! Good to see opposite views on your and Ray's blog!
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. How could you let Rousell win, you wont stop hearing about it until 2020.

  10. Good to see this battle from both sides (I read Ray's report earlier). Good shooty armies are very hard to combat (look at Agincourt!) - especially when they can't be reached. We play Killer Katanas 2 and the bow and arquebus are deadly to other units that can't shoot back as at least 1/3 of the attacking troops die before they get into charge range - by which time the morale rolls are required! One way to limit the effect of shooty troops is to limit ammunition (i.e. only a limited number of shots per game) or to reduce effect over time (to simulate troops running short of arrows or bullets).

  11. I always blame the rules. Only thing to do in some circumstances - 0h and the dice. :)


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