Wednesday 25 March 2015

Somewhere in Libya - 6mm North African Town

Last week I bought a load more 6mm buildings from Leven Miniatures for my 6mm North Africa project. These will be added to my existing collection of buildings and combined I now have enough to make a small town or administrative centre. I haven't done anything fancy with the painting, although I have added some colour to the market tents and awnings. 

All were base coated in Iraqi Sand (819) and then I painted in the windows and doors. Next I dry-brushed with Ivory (918) and washed with Soft Tone Quick-shade with a final very light dry-brush again in Ivory. I may well add more buildings at a later date but for now I have enough for my immediate needs. 


  1. They look very good. A little built up and multi-storey for the real deep desert but very nice none the less.

    1. I'm actually looking to replicate a small town with some larger administrative buildings in it...but I take the point and I've just placed an order for a dozen more single story buildings!

  2. I've just picked up some pewter buildings from GHQ for the same theatre. It's fascinating to see the alternatives out there.


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