Sunday 15 March 2015

A quick Skirmish

Sunday morning I crossed the river to Sidcup and the Skirmish Toy Soldier show. This is a small event with a handful of display tables and traders, but its always a good place for a quick chat with friends. The show started off very quiet this year, maybe because if was Mothers Day, but it picked up by the time I left around midday. As well as meeting up with a couple of the Rejects I also bumped into Bob Cordery and John Lambshead which was nice as I haven't seen them for a while. As usual I took my camera and shot a few pictures so here's a taster of what was at the show.

A very blurred photo of the Bring and Buy

Gravesend Gamers Guild


Medway Wargames Society

Privateers of London - Battle of Lilybaeum

Rainham Wargames Club - Muskets and Tomahawks
Old Guard - using the Lion Rampant rules

Bexley Reapers Wargames Club

Skirmish Wargames

The Crush the Kaiser guys use their unofficial WWII rules Crush Der Fuhrer!


Rejects on Tour. Postie and Mark at Skirmish. Ray wasn't allowed out to play.

Postie spending his money with Colonel Bills.

The trader hall at Skirmish. I see you Postie!
A great little show as always and it was great to meet with a few friends and exchange greetings. The best thing was that I managed to find several books that I wanted.

My book haul from the show. I think there is a theme don't you?
Not bad for a small show and a great way to keep out of the wife's hair for a couple of hours! 


  1. Nice to see you there. There are a couple of books I would have snaffled up if the price was right. Luckily you bought them so I do not even need to think about it.

    1. Good to see you too. Hope your feeling better. Its a friendly little show and should raise anyone's spirits.

  2. What a daft day to have a show.......Mothers Day???? I'd have lost more than money if I attended the show!

    1. I heard you weren't allowed out to Its never a bad thing to keep the Wargames Widow happy by making the occasional little sacrifice.

  3. Looks like some great demo games going down there. cheers

  4. Looks like a fun little show!
    Good job on getting the Don Featherstone book too!

    1. Yeah, I'm chuffed with that find. I bought the recent paperback reprint a couple of years ago and I thought it was an excellent resource for my 6mm North Africa project. In fact I refer to it so much that my copy is getting a little dog-eared and tatty, so I have been on the lookout for a hardback original for some time.


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